Super Junior
Prom15e to 13elieve 10ve and prot3ct
♥~ELFish, Vitamin, Ryeosomnia~♥
Gamer, Angel, Jewell, cloud....
KyuMin & HanChul Shippper
Argentinian lady, 23 years old. speak english, spanish, spaninglish!
My ultimate bias Lee DongHae
Love of my life Lee DongHae
The prince of all my dreams Lee DongHae
Person who inspire me Kim Heechul, Hangeng, Cho kyuhyun, Hyukjae.
I'm a student... I study hairdresser and Gastronomy...
Proud of all my boys
I'm waiting for Leeteuk & Yesung
In my heart for ever Hangeng and Kibum...
I love anime
I like cats, bunnies, ants and giraffes... and some dogs
I love The ramones too, and EMINEM...
I like 80's music...
I'm... just me :)

My all is in you

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